Cape Cod Waterways!

Located in the heart of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Waterways is proudly operating two locations. The Swan River is our main and original boating post, and on the Bass River Park we are honored to be in collaboration with the Town of Dennis. Cape Cod Waterways is proud to be a part of making great memories in Cape Cod every summer for more than three decades.

In Cape Cod Waterways, we are confident that you will enjoy the scenery and wildlife that Swan River and Bass River has to offer. Both locations offer unique and tranquil experiences! Come and visit us! You can Kayak, Canoe, Stand up Paddle Board or Pedal Boat your way around the Swan River at your leisure or utilize the river as part of your personal exercise regimen.

At the Bass River, enjoy scenic routes all the way around, beautiful estates, wildlife and so much more. Or head out to the Nantucket Sound and fall in-love with the soft sandy beach.

Fun and enjoyment for all ages!

Find Serenity on the

Swan River and the Bass River at
Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental.

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Swan River

The Swan River wanders its way past islands and acres of conservation land to reach the tidal flats and sandbars of the Nantucket Sound.

For more than 35 years, visitors to the Cape have been able to escape to its tranquil waters and natural beauty with a kayak, canoe, stand up paddle board, or pedal boat from Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental. Located at 16 Route 28 in Dennis Port, MA, right on the Swan River’s shoreline, this spot, complete with docks for a dry easy launch, makes an outing on the river a breeze.

“From our location people can enjoy a relaxing paddle either up to the islands of Swan River, or down to the mouth of the river on Nantucket Sound, in about an hour and half”
says owner Dan Pogorelc.

The River is affected
by the ebb and flow
of the Sound’s
tidal changes.


Based on that day’s tidal flow, the staff of Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental is happy to make recommendations on the best course to chart for a relaxing paddle out on the river.

With acres of conservation land lining the shores of the river, there’s plenty of opportunity to spy on the area’s natural wildlife in action. Sightings of waterfowl, including herons, hawks, mallards and geese are virtually guaranteed. Inside the facility’s outfitting area is a chart to help identify some of the common birds to the area.

Heading south down the river toward Nantucket Sound boaters will pass spectacular homes set back from the water.

“As a matter of courtesy and out of respect for the wildlife we ask that our guest don’t stop on the private docks or the conservation land especially the narrow rivulet path while enjoying their outing,” notes Dan.

“However, there is a great little town beach on the west bank of the river just before you reach the Sound that is open to everyone to enjoy,” says Dan.

“There is also a temporary sand bar that forms at the mouth of the river which is open for people to pull the boats up on and enjoy a swim,” continued Dan.


Bass River Park

Cape Cod Waterways is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Town of Dennis on the Bass River Park. We offer Stand Up Paddle Boards and Kayaks at this location, and we are open to public boat rentals every year beginning in the month of May.

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(Text derived from Dennis Conservation Trust)

“Bass River Park is a waterfront park that allows residents and visitors free and universal public access to a significant regional environmental and recreational resource, the Bass River. Primarily open space, the park also has a boardwalk, picnic and shade pavilions, bicycle racks, a kayak rental, restroom, and parking, thus promoting a range of low intensity water dependent uses and recreation. The park site provides direct waterfront access for recreational boating”.

"Bass River Park is a waterfront park that allows residents and visitors free and universal public access to a significant regional environmental and recreational resource"


Adding beauty to the overall park.

“The park is an environmental showcase, having erased decades of commercial uses with a new, ecologically friendly open space with restored scenic views, native plants, wildlife habitat and improved water quality in Bass River. Landforms and vegetation fit into the Cape Cod landscape. Uniquely, the park design incorporated sustainable bio-retention areas, or infiltration meadows, to control and treat storm water runoff from Rt. 28 before entering the Bass River. The meadows were planted with native plants and these specialized and sometimes flowering plantings add beauty to the overall park while protecting Bass River”.

It is a place that the Town and Dennis Conservation Trust
will continue to be proud of for generations to come.
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“In addition, with the acquisition of the park the Town of Dennis was able to incorporate three contiguous town properties, (the others being Merrill Park and the town boat ramp) that total approximately 6 acres and front the Bass River for just under a quarter of a mile. It is probably the longest stretch of continuous waterfront on Rt. 28 and certainly is the longest stretch of river waterfront in the mid-Cape area”.

Pathways were created in Bass River Park that extend into the other two properties, creating a pedestrian network and providing public access from the village to its riverfront.